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Do you have a technical question or problem you need answered? Our solutions center offers hundreds of Video’s, Articles and FAQ’s to help you tackle your rigging questions and needs.

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Rescue Response Gear grew out of its desire to give our clients the best gear and the best info available and now it is even easier to shop for your favorite brands at our online store.

Rescue Response Gear


Do you live, love and breathe the rope access and rigging world? We do! Find the newest news, the best rigging and the culture you want here at Red Ibex.
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What Customers Say About Us

L. Poteat

Helen Fire Dept

“Rescue Response Gear has provided Helen Fire Rescue with unmatched professionalism and knowledge for all of our Technical rope rescue equipment needs.”

T. Bradbury

Gemini Rope Access

Trask Bradbury, Gemini Rope Access Solutions

“RRG has great gear with great people behind it!”

K. Andersen

Seattle Fire

“Thanks for your commitment to quality gear, personal safety, and ingenuity. I have used your equipment for years personally and as a professional firefighter and have never been disappointed.”

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Organized by field of expertise, the solutions center gives you answers to your Rigging and Rescue Questions

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Our Story

Our own story began in May 1993 when president, Lance Piatt, and avid outdoorsman, faced a life or death crisis when he and 2 friends got lost on his first climb up Mount Hood.

“This was a route that every buddy and their mom does”, Lance remembers, “people in high heels, you name it. It’s a trade route but there is one catch. Because the route has open space, should bad weather hit, you could lose your bearings.”

lance piatt

Which was exactly what happened.

After the climbers finished ascending to Hood’s Pearly Gates, the weather nose-dived. Within minutes the climbers found themselves in blizzard conditions with freezing ice and no visibility. Becoming disoriented, they drifted off the trail heading towards the treacherous Zigzag Canyon.

“Suddenly I realized that we were in an ‘oh shit’ moment. There I was, thrirty-two years old, realizing I was finished. I choked back tears, prayed and thought about my six-month old son, Torrey, and my wife, Monika. It was hard to accept that my life was about to be over.”

The IBEX Crew

  • Luke Bryan Rigging Lab GuruLuke
    Rigging Lab Guru
  • Lance Piatt CEO and OwnerLance
    Papa Bear
  • Andrew Herr Marketing and Content ManagerAndrew
    Marketing Wizkid
  • Torrey Piatt Camera and Social Media SpecialistTorrey
    Camera Stud
  • Robin Thomas Accounting and Finance SpecialistRobin
    Numbers Princess
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